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[ · Скачать удаленно () ] 25.03.2012, 13:21

Huge tricks and adrenaline!
Soar through the air in high-octane Freestyle Motocross action!
Perform gravity defying tricks in breathtaking events all over the world! Combine power, skill, showmanship and bravery to excite the fans!
Unlock events, bikes, tricks and achievements and prove that you are the best rider in the world! Feel the adrenaline, roar up the ramp and pull off massive tricks!
• 5 different thrilling event types (Show Off, Time Attack, Performer, Pressure, Time Trial) + FMX IV Tour for the ultimate challenge
• 7 different locations around the world (London, Mexico, Spain, Texas, Germany, Warsaw and Las Vegas) 
• 4 unique bikes to unlock, each with a different driving behavior
• 20 gravity defying tricks including never seen before ones!
• Full ragdoll and realistic bike physics
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